On Justice

I want to apologize for the lack and inconsistency of content over the past couple of weeks. Between starting the podcast and beginning a new job, I have not had as much time as I would have liked to put into the blog and podcast. Hopefully, as I adjust to this new job, I will be able to plan my content accordingly. Thanks for understanding and supporting my work.

In lieu of my normal blog, I am sharing a few thoughts I wrote down a few months ago. I hope this will give you a little food for thought this week.

The hope of Christians is the return of Jesus Christ. This is because when our Lord returns, we know that justice will be done to those who have sinned against God. For the injustice of men hurting other men is first and foremost a travesty against God. For we are the Father’s creation. Though we attempt to seek justice in our systems of law, we know that justice in the hands of the unjust is injustice. And we are all unjust. We have all transgressed against our Lord. As St. Paul the Apostle wrote to the Romans “there is none righteous, not even one; There is none who understands, there is none who seeks for God.” 

We do not understand what is happening because we do not seek the Lord who grants understanding and wisdom. Instead we continue to seek a justice we cannot give. For none of us is worthy to condemn another. We do not perceive for we think our perception is reality. We believe our perspective is correct. And having abandoned wisdom and justice we think there is no standard beyond our own. Our perception of our reality will crumble like dust. And our way of life will fade and be forgotten just as we have forgotten the Lord. For we do not seek to correct the problem, but to fill our own egos. We do not seek out the wisdom of Jesus our Lord. We have rejected the Holy Spirit and so the weight of our own injustice will crush us. And we will be forgotten. Our lives will have no meaning. We will inherit the wind.

Therefore, we must humble ourselves. We must return to the Lord who forgives much and is the only one who can dispense justice upon the unjust who have transgressed against their Creator. For those who seek to destroy the creation hate God since He loves that which He has created. Have not all of us destroyed creation? Have we not perverted that which is good? Why do we seek justice when we are blind to our own destruction?  Return to the Lord Most High who is our Father in heaven, return to Jesus Christ the son, and to the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth, wisdom, and justice. And until we practice justice upon ourselves,  there will be no justice in this world.

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